No one knows much about Mer, the underwater kingdom where Mermin the merman was born, but due to a rising conflict with the people of Atlantis, Mermin needs to get back home immediately. Which means his human friends get to accompany him and see all the aquatic wonders of Mer. But once again, Mermin is tight-lipped about his past―even when it's swimming right in front of him. And there are enemies lurking in the seedier depths of Mer, who've got their sights set not only on Mermin, but on Pete and his friends!
Mermin Book 3: Deep Dive received a nomination for an Eisner Award under the category "Best Publication for Early Readers" and was awarded "Book All Young Georgians Should Read" by the Georgia Center For The Book
Published by Oni Press (Hardcover 2014, Softcover 2017) More information at Simon & Schuster
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